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Several Major Indicators Of Power Supply Module
Aug 08, 2018

The Power P=ui is the product of the output voltage and the output current.

Input voltage divided into AC input and DC input 2 kinds.

Output voltage is generally DC output, but there are also AC output.

Operating temperature Isolation voltage: Isolation is the separation of output and input on the circuit.

Has the following functions:

One, the current transformation;

Second, in order to prevent the input and output mutual interference;

Third, the input and output circuit signal characteristics of the difference is too large, such as weak signal control of strong electricity equipment

Package size has pins, patches, and spirals. Output has single output, dual output and multi-channel output. The Power module is a power supply that can be directly mounted on a printed circuit board, and is characterized by providing power to a dedicated integrated circuit (ASIC), Digital signal Processor (DSP), microprocessor, memory, Field programmable gate Array (FPGA), and other digital or analog loads. In general, this type of module is called a load point (POL) power supply system or a use point power supply system (pups). Because of the advantages of modular structure, modular power is widely used in switching equipment, access equipment, mobile communications, microwave communications and optical transmission, routers and other communications fields and automotive electronics, aerospace and so on.