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DC Power Module
Aug 08, 2018

High-Power switching high-voltage DC power supply is widely used in electrostatic precipitator, water quality improvement, medical X-ray machine and CT machine and other large equipment.

Voltage up to 50~l59kv, the current reached more than 0.5A, power up to 100kW. Since the beginning of the 70 's, some Japanese companies began to use inverter technology, the Power rectifier after the reverse into about 3kHz of intermediate frequency, and then boost. Into the 80 's, high-frequency switching power supply technology developed rapidly. Siemens, Germany, uses power transistor switch components, the power of switching frequency to increase to more than 20kHz.

The technology of dry-type transformer is applied to high frequency and high voltage power supply, the high voltage transformer tank is canceled, and the volume of transformer system is further reduced. Domestic electrostatic precipitator high-voltage DC power supply has been developed, the mains rectifier into DC, using the full bridge 0 current switch series resonant inverter circuit will DC voltage inversion into high-frequency voltage, and then by high frequency transformer step-up, and finally rectifier for DC high pressure. Under the resistance load condition, the output DC voltage reaches 55kV, the current reaches 15mA and the working frequency is 25.6kHz.