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Precautions for Inductors
Aug 08, 2018

One, inductance type components, its core and winding easily due to the temperature rise effect of the sense of change, need to pay attention to its body temperature must be in the use of specifications range.

Second, the inductor winding, in the current through the easy formation of electromagnetic field. In the position of components, it is necessary to pay attention to the proximity of the inductor away from each other, or winding group to each other, to reduce the amount of inductance between each other.

Third, the inductance of the various layers of winding, in particular, a number of thin lines, will also produce clearance capacitance, resulting in high-frequency signal bypass, reducing the actual filter effect of the inductor. 

In order to find the correct data, the test leads should be as close to the component body as possible when measuring the inductance and Q value of the instrument.

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