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Characteristics of electronic Transformers
Aug 08, 2018

Electronic transformer, input for ac220v, output for ac12v, power up to 50w-300w.

It is mainly in the High-frequency electronic ballast circuit developed on the basis of a transformer circuit, its performance is stable, small size, large power, thus overcoming the traditional silicon steel transformer large, bulky, high price defects. The electronic transformer is the voltage-stabilized switching power supply, which is actually a kind of inverter. First, the alternating current is rectified into DC power. And then use electronic components to form a high-frequency oscillator to convert direct current into high-frequency AC power, and then two times rectifier power supply by switching transformer output voltage.

Switching power supply has the advantages of small size, light weight and low price, so it is widely used in all kinds of electrical appliances. According to the different driving mode of high frequency switch tube, it can be divided into self-excited oscillation type and other excitation type.