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Application of electronic transformer in power supply technology
Aug 08, 2018

The electronic transformer in the power device is usually made of the electronic transformer (soft magnetic element) which makes by the soft magnetic core.

Although, there are no magnetic cores of the hollow-core electronic transformers and piezoelectric ceramic transformers, but by the early 21st century, the vast majority of power supply devices in the electronic transformers, still use soft magnetic cores. Therefore, the relationship between power technology and electronic transformers is discussed: the function of electronic transformer in power supply technology, the requirement of power technology to electronic transformer, the influence of new soft magnetic material and new core structure on the development of power technology will certainly arouse the interest of friends in power industry and soft magnetic material industry. Baidu Encyclopedia put forward some views, in order to facilitate the power industry and the electronic transformer industry and soft magnetic materials industry on the electronic transformers and soft magnetic materials related issues for dialogue, mutual exchanges and common development.